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"Axiom"("Exoditejon"), the guy behind the Gaming Cantina event miniatures (like the Bodyguard Lizard Centaur and Howling Banshee) and the TFF Legacy Team miniatures, started his own little venture into the mysterious Fantasy Football Miniature World. A venture he called: Beast Face Miniatures.

First line of miniatures was a set of 6 different Beastmen cast in whithe metal and sculpted by John. Followed by a Minotaur (also cast in metal) and a set of Chaos Warrios, that was never made it into Beast Face.

I 2015 the Beast Face range was taken over by Impact! Miniature who has released the complete Beastface Chaos team in resin - see also the Impact! Miniatures Wikia page.


Beastmen WIPs

Beastmen Set #1

Beastmen Set #2



Minotaur WIP


Chaos Warriors

Warriors WIPs

Unreleased Chaos Warriors

Axiom's other projects

Axiom is also an enthusiastic miniatures collector and to fill out a hold in an old existing rage John Pickford did this little cat.

You can follow Axiom's classic miniature adventure at Magpie and Old Lead