My own little private miniature venture.

After seeing what John did for White_Knight (the dwarfs with all the multi part options) an old dream was brought back to life. Been hunting down all kinds of Evil looking dwarves over the years and have build a rather large collection, but you can never have to many evil stunties, can you? So, always dreamt about have my own little range done. John has put the dream to life.

So I'm now trying build a brand new range of dark, sinister and vicious dwarves that I called: The Ewal Dvergar.

You can follow this project at: The Clam Miniature Adventure

Initial greensEdit

Master castEdit

Ewal Dvergar WarriorsEdit

Ewal Dvergar - EDC-01 Hand weapon and Shield (set #1)Edit

EDC-02 Ewal Dvergar with two-handed weapons (set #2)Edit



Production setEdit

This second set is converted miniatures from set one armed with a mix of two-handed weapons, pole weapons and dual hand weapons. 

EDC-03 Core Warriors with CrossbowsEdit


Crossbowmen comes as 3 different bodies, 4 different bows and 6 new Sallets + 2 converted ones.


EDC-04 Core Warriors with GunsEdit

Single piece sculpt GreenEdit

Separate helmets greensEdit


EDC-10 Infantry Command GroupEdit


Production setEdit

EDC-11 Musician 2Edit


Alternative Drummer with two snare drums


EDB-01 Helmets #1Edit

A set of 4 sallet-styled helmets that will fit most warriors with Crossbows (EDC-03) and with Guns (EDC-04)

Ewal Dvergar KnightsEdit



EDK-01 Boar Knights with hand weapon and shield Edit

4 different knigts, 6 heads, 5 right hands, 2 left hands, 6 shields. Comes with a random pick of 4 boars (EDK-90 Wild Boars)


EDK-10 Boar CommandEdit


EDK-90 Wild boarsEdit

Ewal Dvergr CharacterEdit

EDP01 Johann, Eval Dvergr Champion - GreenEdit

EDP-01 Johann, Ewal Dvergr ChampionEdit

EDP-10 Ewal Dvergr PainterEdit

The Ewal painter is a variant of the Brush Slave Exclusive (further down this page)

EDP-10 Ewal Painter - GreenEdit

EDP-10 Ewal Dvergr PainterEdit

EDP-20 Finngálkin - Ewal Dvergr CentaurEdit

Ewal BerserkerEdit

EB-01 Arnórr - Ewal Beserkr - greensEdit

EB-01 Arnórr - Ewal Beserkr - castEdit

The Old BagEdit

Puck's DanceEdit

White Knight have kindly donated this diorama piece from the 2007 FU UK! Sculpting Contest to my cause.

Brush Slave League Special CharacterEdit

The Mad PainterEdit

This Artisan was made as prize for the painting challenge called "Brush Slave League" at []. The miniature is based on a master from the Ewal Dvergar Core Warriors Set #1.

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