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In Kevin Dallimore's Painting and Modelling Guide Masterclass [[[ISBN 190154320X]]], p. 117 you could find a painted sample of the Aquizalor Slayer of Souls long before its official release. Aquizalor was one of quite a few Demons John did for Froundry, but stayed unreleased for several years (Miniatures was sculpted back in 2007/2008). But now (2012) the Demons are out and can be found here at: Wargames Foundry

DM005 - Golztariusbous The Ever TurningEdit

A mystrium. Was listed as part of the Demon deal, but has never been seen. Based on the price (double the rest of them) it's probably some sort of Greater Demon.

DM006 - Demtarous Despoiler Of The DeadEdit

DM007 - Aquizalor Slayer Of SoulsEdit

DM008 - Blaquevousled The Bringer Of TerrorEdit

DM009 - Dagloritous The Deciever And Alotherup The AvengerEdit

DM010 - Slauchzaritour The SuccubusEdit

DM011 - Flarthousoussedon The Terror From AboveEdit

DM012 - Prudent Phouslerzaterlone Keeper Of The DeadEdit

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