An new company to bring us new toys with an old-school vibe. The company picked up the Bottom's Up Daemon Cannon project and took it to Kickstarter. The Kickstarter was successfully funded on November 1st 2016 and the miniatures have been remoulded small changes has been made to help casting. Also an alternative demonic head was made.

The Cannon got delivered to backers in February 2017.

The next Pickford Greens have been dropped off for master mould making - the Alpine Dwarfs. Planned for a Kickstarter release August 2017.

Daemon Cannon

The Legends in the Books of Lore say that Algraff the Terrible was the first Dwarf sorcerer to enslave a daemon and use it as cannon to bombard the enemy on the field. The invocation and enchantments are incredibly dangerous that only the bravest, madest or most desperate sorcerer would attempt them. If a mistake is made or the sorcerer isn’t strong enough to wrestle the daemon into submission then their very soul will be dragged to the pits of hell. There are rumours some goblin shaman have also mastered the binding of a daemon into a cannon.   


The final production piece are slightly different from the Bottom's Up piece. The left hand (foreleg) has been mad a separate piece to reduce the negative space between forleg and body. Also are 4 pins added to the the body to guide it korrektly into the base.

The cannon also had a second head option (thats different from the Bottom's up "head 2" variant).


3 identical bodies, 3 heads and different tools

Master Engineer

Alpine Dwarfs



Jamie has rewarded me with rather few samples of the mastered prototypes bits




Eric the Space Dwarf

In 2017 John turned the OSM logo space dwarf - Eric - into a Signature Miniature