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WE Series - Wilderness Encounters

WE10 - Spiders

WE10a – Large Spiders v2

These models, released in December 2015, replace an early version sculpted by Pedro Navarro.

WE10e Huge Spider III

WE10f Huge Spider IV

WE10g Giant Spider II

WE11 - Shambling Mound

WE13 - Treant

WE20 - Giant Scorpion

WE20 - Giant Scorpions v.1

Bought at Salute 2013. These Giant Scorpions is sculpted by Pedro Navarro, but John was then asked to add more texture to them. For sale i 2013, but replaced later one

WE20 - Giant Scorpion

WE22 Landshark

WE24 Hydra

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