Probably the job that lifted John from 'just another miniature sculptor' till one of the absolute best fantasy sculptors (if not the best). The combination of Richard Scott's high ambitions and John's enormous talent - the duo has been such a joy following. Those two keep on surprising us - and have moved the limit of what can/and can not be done miniature wise.

John has done a huge amount of the awesome Otherworld Miniatures and continually adds to the range.

You'll find them all here at Otherworld Miniatures


DM Series - Dungeon Monsters

DM8b – Purple Worm v2

DM18 - Rust Monsters

DM20 - Roper

DM21 - Carcass Scavenger

DM22 - Otyugh

DM23 - Eyes

DM26 - Aspis

DM31 – Mongrelmen

DM32 - Xorn

DV Series - Dungeon Vermin

DV5 - Giant Leeches

DV6 - Ants

DV6a - Giant Worker Ants

DV6b - Giant Soldier Ants

G Series - Giants

BS5 The Otherworld Giant

GB Series - Goblins

GB1 - Goblin Warriors I

GB2 - Goblin Warriors II

GB3 - Goblin Warriors III

GB4 - Goblin Command

GB5 - Goblin Wolfriders I

GB6 - Goblin Wolfriders II


GB7 - Goblin Wolfriders III

GB8 - Goblin Wolfriders IV

GB9 - Goblin Wolfrider Chieftain

GB10 - Goblin Wolfriders Champion

GB12 – Goblin Missile Troops

KB Series - Kobolds

KB1 - Kobold Warriors I

KB2 - Kobold Warriors II

KB3 - Kobold Warriors III

KB4 - Kobold Command

KB5 - Kobold Tribal Pack

OG Series - Ogres

OG1 - Ogre Warrior I

OG2 - Ogre Warrior II

OG3 - Ogre Warrior III

OG4 Ogre Chieftain

OG5 – Ogress

OG7 Ogre Mage

WE Series - Wilderness Encounters

WE10 - Spiders

WE10a – Large Spiders v2

WE10e Huge Spider III

WE10f Huge Spider IV

WE10g Giant Spider II

WE11 - Shambling Mound

WE13 - Treant

WE20 - Giant Scorpions

These Giant Scorpions is sculpted by Pedro Navarro, but John was then asked to add more texture to them.

WE22 Landshark

WE24 Hydra

Unreleased Miniatures

¹ Mimics are based on the Treasure Chest sculpted by Paul Muller for Otherworld Miniatures

Official Barrowmaze Miniatures

BM Series

This is a range of miniatures for Greg Gillespie’s ‘Barrowmaze’ RPG setting. The miniatures for Barrowmaze are incorporated in the regular OW-lines. For Borrowmaze John has done the:

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