Foundry dafrica

Wargames Foundry was the company that really kick started John's career as a professional miniature sculptor. Foundry gave him the chance to prove himself worthy and the chance to try out creating huge ranges of wargaming miniatures.

John has done all the Goblins and Undead but also a lot of the miniatures in their Trolls, Halfling and Demon range.

In 2013 Foundry Fantasy was restructured when Brian Ansell (and the Ansell family) took over management of Foundry - and most of the fantasy miniatures and non Perry/Copplestone miniatures historicals (the original Foundry range) disappeared from the main Foundry web-site.

From 2013-2015 most of John's miniatures could only be found on the temporary store at eBay - called where now found in their new Flyte of Fantasy.

In October 2015 Foundry opened a new dedicated website for all there alternative versions of their classic range and most of the fantasy range. Their new home is called: Casting Room Miniatures

You can also find a few of them on their main site in the "Flyte of Fantasy" and "God of Battles" range-sections.

And if you can't find what you are looking for ... call them - their are always kind and very helpful.

Wargames Foundry Index

The Foundry section are divide into the following sub-sections:

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