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In here are "official Foundry's" - but as Foundry was where helpful bringing John's early creations into life some of the miniatures in the Other unreleased and promotional Miniatures are actually in Foundry's possession, too.

Evil Barbarians

John has also made a few sets of Evil Barbarians for Foundry. They are not available from their on-line store, but can be picked up visiting their factory or bought if you give them a phone-call.

CS001 - Evil Barbarian General

CS002 - Evil Barbarian Warriors 1

CS003 - Evil Barbarian Warriors 2

CS004 - Evil Barbarians Warriors

Christmas Specials

VIN101 - Scary Santas

This combined pack of Scary Santas consist om 3 sculpts made by John Pickford

Skeletal Santa

Plague Doctor Santa

Santa rising from his grave

VIN069 - Christmas Panto

Architectural Detailing

Again something I don't know the full extent of - but "some" pack where made.

GPR070 Spooky Architecture

GRP071 Demonic Architecture

GRP072 Gothic Architecture