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BSTR001 - Giant Hill Troll With Axe

BSTR002 - Giant Hill Troll

BSTR003 - Giant Hill Troll Champion

BSTR004 - Giant Hill Troll Throwing Rock

BSTR005 - Giant Hill Troll Throwing Hang Glider

Warriors of the Thousand Tribes

Back in 2010 John did 8 packs of Orcs for Wargames Foundry. The Orcs were feral pig-faced orcs, but I haven't seen them listed on the Foundry-sites, yet.

The Orcs are, however, to be found in the Wargames Foundry, "God of Battles" rulebook, written by Jake Thornton ISBN 978-1-901543-27-8 where they are used as part of The Thousand Tribes-list.

Thousand Tribes are described as a loose confederation of tribal people how share similar believes of animistic spirits.and ancestor worship. The Pig-faced Orcs seems rather useful as such.

In the book you can find these painted samples:

Foundry Orc Tribe Warriors BoB

Source: God of Battles by Jack Thornton, ISBN 978-1-901543-27-8 ©Wargames Foundry

I've been told that the original 8 packs were:

1 Orc Command (Chieftain, Champion, Shaman, Standard Bearer, Musician)

2 Orc Warriors armed with a mixture of crude hand weapons (5 models)

3 Orc Warriors Slightly armoured, armed with a mixture of crude hand weapons (5 models)

4 Orc Warriors armed with a mixture of crude spears (5 models)

5 Orc Warriors Slightly armoured, armed with a mixture of crude spears(5 models)

6 Orc warriors with Crossbows and arrows (5 models)

7 Orc warriors with bows and arrows (5 models)

8 Orc Warrior characters (5 models)

TT402 Pig Faced Orcs

Orc Warriors Slightly armoured, armed with a mixture of crude spears Pig-faced Feral Orcs

TT403 Pig Faced Orcs Command

Orc Command (Chieftain, Champion, Standard Bearer, Musician)

TT407 Pig Faced Orcs

Orc Warriors armed with a mixture of crude spears

TT408 Pig Faced Orcs Archers

Orc warriors with bows and arrows

Sci-Fi Pig Faced Orks (Sporks)

John has done a range of of Pig Faced Orks in Space with the working title "Sporks". The ranges consists of several sculpts and war gear items, but the range is still unreleased by Foundry.

For a long time the only proof of their existence has been this picture from Foundry:

However, at Christmas 2015 I found these 3 sculpts in a parcel from Foundry, making up for a small delay. I was very excited seeing them and feel we are one step closer seeing them released.

And in march 2016 James Halloway of Gonzo History: Gaming Edition showed his collection at his blog. What a magnificent sight it was. James had at BOYL 2015 (an Oldhammer/Foundry event in August 2015) been given a set of 15 Foundry Space Orks and I've got the permission showing them here.

April 2016 Axiom kindly provided thes fictures after a visit at Wargames Foundry and a brief chat with Bryan regarding the Sporks.

Evil Barbarians

John has also made a few sets of Evil Barbarians for Foundry. They are not available from their on-line store, but can be picked up visiting their factory or bought if you give them a phone-call.

CS001 - Evil Barbarian General

CS002 - Evil Barbarian Warriors 1

CS003 - Evil Barbarian Warriors 2

CS004 - Evil Barbarians Warriors

Christmas Specials

VIN101 - Scary Santas

This combined pack of Scary Santas consist om 3 sculpts made by John Pickford

Skeletal Santa

Plague Doctor Santa

Santa rising from his grave

VIN069 - Christmas Panto

Architectural Detailing

Again something I don't know the exact extent of - but "some" pack where made.

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