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UND001 - Skeleton Warriors I

UND002 - Skeleton Reapers

UND003 - Skeleton Command

UND004 - Skeleton Archers

UND005 - Skeleton Characters

Subtitle: Skeleton Monkeyshines as they lark about under the Full Moon

UND006 - Skeleton Characters

UND007 - Skeletons Rising From Their Graves

UND008 - Skeleton Warriors

UND009 - John Stearne Witch Finder

UND010 - Matthew Hopkins Witch Finder General

UND011 - Witches

UND012 - Witches Coven

UND013 - Plain Coffin Shields

Mix of 20 metal coffin shields.

UND014 - Vinegar Tom And Witches Familiars

Subtitle: Satan's Dark Children

UND015 - Plague Doctors

UND016 - Coffin Shields

Mix of 20 metal coffin shields.

UND017 - Plague Apothecaries

UND018 - Skeletons with Crossbows

Subtitle: Very nicely done Skeletons With Character & Crossbows!

UND019 - Skeleton Warrior Characters

Subtitle: Skeleton Choppers & Smashers!

UND020 - Skeleton Warriors 3

UND021 - Skeleton Archers

Subtitle: Rather Fine Raggedy Group of Skeleton Archers

UND022 - Skeleton Looters

UND023 - Skeleton Grave Diggers

Subtitle: Jolly Skeleton Gravediggers Lark About

UND024 - Magespell the Undying Skeleton King on Throne

UND025 - Skeleton Regiment

UND026 - Skeleton Regiment Command

UND027 - Animated Scarecrows

UND028 - Emaciated Plague Victims

Subtitle: Zombie Flesh Eaters

UND029 - Ghoultear The Evil Necromancer

UND030 - Necromancer 2 (female)

No official Foundry picture of this miniature is available.

UND031 - Necromantic Sorceress and Familiar

UND032 - Goultear the Maggotty Necromancer

UND033 - The Graveyard

UND034 - Vampires

UND035 - Mummies

UND036 - Sacred Cohort Shield

UND037 - Ghosts

UND038 - Skeleton King on Steed

UND039 - Undead Skeleton Knights Command

UND040 - Undead Skeleton Knights 1

UND041 - Undead Skeleton Knights 2

BSUND001 - Undead Kings Chariot

BSUND002 - Undead Archers Chariot

BSUND003 - Undead Chariot

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