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At Wargames Foundry's "Open Day" Feb 2012 Mr. The Dozing Dragon - miniature forum activist, collector and a great hobbyist - had a glimps of some of "the new halfling" miniatures - and captured them on this photo. The photos was shown on his blog: Dear Tony. And with the courtesy of the author I'm allowed to show them on here. The halflings are about 19-20mm to the top of their head, so should scale to most modern halflings. They were done by John back in late 2009/early 2010 and had been with Foundry's for a few years now. First they were rumoured to be a release "God of Battles" by rules writer Jake Thornton, but that project was put on hold summer 2012, but luckily not the halflings. Halflings got released August 2012 and can now be found in the fantasy section of the Wargames Foundry site.

HF005 Halfling Command - but not sculpted by John Pickford

HF005 Halfling Command ©Wargames Foundry

On the Flyte of Fantasy site there is a 5th Halfling pack (HF005) listed - but those ones are not originally sculpted by John.

Concepts and pre-views

HF001 Halfling Adventurers

HF002 Halfling Villagers

HF003 Halfling Militia

HF004 Drinking time at old Bold Bullmoons Bar

Unreleased pony

The pack-pony from set HF001 started as as an "naked" pony. The naked version showed up at BOYL 2017 in a recent made mould - and a master cast has been donated to the Wikia.

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